Food! Food is the most important thing wherever you go or for whatever we do. You gain weight and also lose weight with the foods you take.  There has to be a balance between the food and the meal you take every day.  These meals can include the food which we intake before and after the workout.

Firstly, identify what your body needs and demands to be fueled. You should really take a break from all the junk food lying around you. Let’s talk about what you should include in your pre and post work out meals. The calories of both these meals should be a part of your daily calorie count, not more or less. This refers to the last meal you eat before your workout.  It is also known as the best dose of instant energy before a strenuous session. For this, make sure that you are balancing both your carbohydrate and protein intake. Never get tensed about how much you have exactly consumed before the intake as you can always shred while you work out.  It’s very important to know what your working is going to be and how many calories you need to burn. This is where the body type and metabolism come into the picture.


This is what it is aimed at:
– to reduce the glycogen depletion in your muscles
– to reduce the protein breakdown and
– to reduce the cortisol levels in the body after your workout

A very famous nutritionist Sujetha Shetty says:

“The meals around your workouts have a major role to play in the effectiveness and results you are going to get from your workouts.”


  • Plain Greek yogurt with berries and granola.
  • Whole-fruit smoothie.
  • High-protein oatmeal and blueberries.
  • Banana with peanut butter and honey.
  • Apple with almond butter and raisins.


Your body is in the anabolic phase after your workout so it is important what kind of food you take after that. This should basically help you repair your body or recover and adjust to the session you completed.

So, it needs to have both proteins and a bit of carbohydrate and a little fat to achieve the following:

•    Reduce cortisol levels
•    Supply the muscle with glycogen that was used during your workout
•    Supply enough protein to the muscle so that it can repair itself
•    To reduce muscle stiffness and fatigue.


  • Protein Shake with Banana.
  • Peanut Butter & Banana on Rice Cakes.
  • Yogurt and Fresh Berries.
  • Tuna on Whole Wheat.

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