Lifestyle is a big word when it comes to changing it. It’s even hard to think about it, isn’t it? It’s a massive undertaking that we have to make when we decide to change our lifestyle and we all know it isn’t that easy. End of the day we have to do what helps us the most.

One should always keep looking to change his/her lifestyle once in a while proactively and reprogram their minds for a better future and lifestyle. The tiny changes we decide to make in our lifestyle can drastically affect our lives in different ways for the betterment.

You have to convince your mind to take those steps so that you lead a positive and happy life. If you feel that the things are not going the right way, immediate changes can make a good change in your life.

For instance, sometimes there is a lot of negative energy passing through or around us and we feel drained out. But we do try our best to flush all that negative energy down the drain right? In the same way, we have to keep working on ourselves and see what is affecting us in a negative way and not be trapped in it.

Some of the instances we can change for a better lifestyle with immediate effect are:

Using cell phone before bed:

Research shows that the blue light emitted by cell phones, tablets, TV, and laptop screens restrain the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone which controls your sleep cycle. Cell phones are really helpful but can equally be dangerously harmful to your eyes and mind when used in excess. Always make sure you keep your cell phone away at least 30 minutes before the bedtime. While traveling, read a book instead of chatting on WhatsApp or your facebook messenger.

Early to bed and early to rise:

Mr. Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine was to wake up at 5 am and ask himself “What good shall I do this day”? Once you start sleeping early, you start waking up early. If you can sleep by 9.30 – 10pm and wake up by 5am then nothing like it. Within a few weeks, you will see how energetic your body feels. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours sleep every night.

Don’t complicate life:

We tend to take a lot of unnecessary stress on a daily basis in our life. Life is simple, do not complicate it. We worry about what is happening in the daily soap operas to which celebrity is marrying whom. Do not worry about these small things, they are too trivial for you to consider them in your life. You have a lot more to think and do rather than worrying or stressing about these things. Once you start avoiding these small things, it can have a great effect on your lifestyle too.

Drink lots of water :

This transparent colored fluid is the most beneficial one than any other colored fluids we intake. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can highly be useful to boost your energy levels and a better lifestyle. It can help you from digestion to have great effects on your skin. We have plenty of water to use, use it wisely.

Fun fact : Not only an apple but 8 glasses of water too can keep a doctor away.

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