Holidays are the best when they are healthy and one would surely agree to that. When we travel to our most favourite destination, we tend to get on a splurge-highway and spend every eatable possible. With all the travelling and exploring excitement, one does forget to move the muscle, don’t we? We travel to take a break from work but we also end up taking a break from our fitness practice.  

Wherever we go, our health and fitness regimen should not be avoided or ignored and needs to be taken care of primarily. You must be rolling your eyes on this thought but think about it. We need to make sure that we are fit and healthy even when we are away from our comfort zones. Doesn’t matter with whom or where you are travelling, there is always a way to stay fit and healthy even when you travel from one part of the world to the other

How do we follow our health and fitness regimen while travelling? Here is the list of things you can follow while you’re on your favourite vacation

Carry the right snack – Energy Boosters

We all have the urge to carry and munch on those fried chips and love eating at the restaurants on the highways. How about missing them for once and carrying your own healthy food from home. Considering the quality and hygiene of the food at the restaurants these days, we aren’t really sure how healthy they would be. Hence, an alternate measure to this would be to make your own box of healthy food. There is plenty of food we can carry that can be healthy and filling at the same time.

Healthy eatables to carry:

  • Multigrain and whole grain bread
  • Protein bars and nuts
  • Dry fruits
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh Juices

This will instantly boost your energy, make you full, let you avoid junk food and stay healthy

Fitness at the stay:

Let the vacation or travelling not stop us from what we do at our gym. In fact, being healthy can be great for helping us to live in the moment and say yes to adventures too. When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to be thinking about is lifting weights at the gym when you should be out exploring your new surroundings. Indulging in things like riding your cycle, hiking, and going for walking tours is a brilliant way to build your health while on the move.

Fitness Activities:

There are a lot of physical activities you can initiate and be a part of even when you are traveling. Make sure you don’t stop your fitness activities throughout your vacation. Most of the hotels and resorts organize several indoor and outdoor activities for the guests. Be it sports or fun activities, If they don’t then Initiate and make sure everyone who can be part of it. It can be a Yoga session, beach volleyball or trekking. All the more, you can mingle and meet new people on the go as well as follow your fitness goals on time.

This way you can enjoy your stay and also follow a good fitness regimen and diet. You can check our other blogs on how to stay fit and healthy.  Download the GOODVICE App (Android and iOS) today to find the nearest location which can help you transform your lifestyle and keep yourself fit.