Diwali is around the corner; make this Diwali a healthy one for you and your family. We tend to eat a lot during the festive seasons. We need to make sure that whatever we eat, it should be healthy. We are happy spending time with family and we are happy eating how much ever. You work really hard at the gym every day to burn the calories, doesn’t really make sense to gain them all together at once right? Cutting down those extra calories should be your priority this Diwali.

Also to top it off, Indian sweets are considered high in calories and are too sweet. Some sweets can immediately spike the blood glucose levels the moment you taste them. This can also create a bad impact on your body by adding of fat. There are many Indian sweets we can make at home which can be low on calories and may not have that bad of an impact as the other sweeter ones.

To fulfill your cravings and to enjoy the festive mood, we have listed 5 low calorie sweets to make this Diwali a happy and joyous one for you and your family.

5 Healthy Sweets To Try This Diwali

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to gorge upon the almonds and pistachios that you received in Diwali Gift Box, then this might be your chance. The low-fat milk and low sugar content make it a must try. Surprise your family with your culinary skills by preparing this traditional sweet dish the modern way.


According to Ayurveda, kheer has a cooling effect  on the body and it calms down the  subtle energy that regulates metabolism. Kheer is also famously known as payasam, a healthy alternative to other creamy desserts such as ice cream, but like most traditional sweets it should only be enjoyed occasionally. With homemade rice pudding, you can save calories and control the ingredients to prepare a healthier version of it. Milk is the main ingredient used in kheer. Garnished generously with cashews, raisins and pistachios.

Kaju Katli

A sweet that’s not so sweet. It’s also known as kaju barfi, is an Indian dessert like a barfi. Kaju means cashew; Barfi is often, but not always, made by thickening milk with sugar and other ingredients. savour the rich marzipan-like texture without usage of ghee in this dessert, the non-conventional way. Cashews don’t contain cholesterol also, low-sugar and zero ghee makes it worth a try.

Ras Malai

This sweet is originated from Orissa and is described as ‘a rich cheesecake without a crust’. This is  one of the most popular milk-based Indian desserts. The name ras malai is the Hindi cognate which comes from two words in Bengali: Rosh, meaning “juice”, and molai, meaning “cream”. It’s high in minerals, protein and calcium. The sugar and salt content in this are too low. Hence, this makes for a perfect sweet dish for the festivals, and keeps calories in check.

Baked Rasgullas

Another sweet delight with its roots in Orissa, Rasgulla consists of dumplings of cottage cheese. Typically rich in carbohydrates, and protein. So make this Diwali a low calorie one with this sweet. Use alternatives like low fat paneer (cottage cheese), low fat milk, and sugar substitutes, to prepare the low calorie baked version at home.

Carrot Halwa

Mostly known as ‘Gajar ka halwa’, this is a very famous Indian sweet which you’ll find in many weddings and receptions. From a kid to an adult, everybody is biased towards this sweet. Eliminating the use of khoya, lowers the fat content in the dish, and adding dry fruits packs another lot of nutrients in the same.

So, if you have been looking for an excuse to relish the sweets without adding extra inches to your belly this Diwali, go the healthy way and plan out your dessert menu easily from these choices. Serve these delights to your friends and family and have a sweet-filled Diwali.

5 Things to keep in mind while enjoying the festive delicacies:

  • Pick a low calorie sweet
  • Workout to burn calories
  • Stay hyderates
  • Eat conciously
  • Keep the sugar levels on point

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